Inland Waterways Courses

Skill courses for canals and rivers

The Inland Waterways Helmsman Course

A great hands-on course on your own boat or one of the school's cruisers.

Deck work

Nautical terms, handling ropes & knots. Mooring and anchoring.

Helmsmanship and boat handling

Steering, interaction and canal effect. Berthing and recovery of man overboard.

Personal and boat safety

The identification of risks and how to deal with them. Use of lifejackets and buoyancy aids.

Engine care

Before use, routine engine checks and maintenance. Cooling systems and weed traps.

Bridges and locks

Taking the mystery out of their operations.

Collision avoidance

Steering and sailing rules, bylaws and local regulations including traffic and sound signals, signs and priorities.

Care of the environment

Avoiding damage to boats, flora and fauna.

The Inland Waterways Crew Course

For friends or family members to have a better understanding of how they can assist the helm. Minimum age 8.